Damn, it’s been a while since I shared anything in here. Let me explain why…

I began working on my own brand / studio identity with a good friend of mine and partner in crime since day one of studying communication design. What started out as the name of a magazine we had to do in – I think it was – the second semester, quickly became sort of a street wear brand. At first we only did a sticker, just because we liked the logo we came up with. Because we are both heavily into street wear and sneakers and the whole culture surrounding it, we quickly began doing screen prints of the logo on a couple of shirts and eventually started giving them to friends and supporters of the idea. As those shirts went in no time, we thought we might want to do more with the concept of COMBO being a clothing brand / design studio. Besides launching some new products, we established an identity for COMBO. Please feel free to check out some of the editorial work and video editing we did to establish that specific identity. Since we launched all the basic stuff, we are currently working on a new line of products and a way to communicate them in different ways. Further we finished up our first COMBO client work / uni project, which I want to share witch you in one of the following posts. So stay tuned and visit:


Check out a few impressions of the book I designed from my trip to london last year.

“Im November letzten Jahres besuchte ich mit einigen anderen Studenten Holger Jacobs in seiner Heimatstadt London. Auf dem Programm standen Studios wie Hato Press, Modern Activity, Julia, Hudson Powell, Fraser Muggeridge und Holgers Studio Mind Design. Besonderes Highlight war der Besuch bei Why Not Associates, wo uns Andy Altman einige seiner Projekte vorstellte. Trotz allem blieb noch genug Zeit für einen Besuch der St. Brides Library, dem St. Martins College, Museen, Galerien, indisches Essen und Bier. Dieses Buch bildet die Dokumentation der Exkursion.”

148 mm x 210 mm, Softcover, Color, 150 Pages


Text   Ken Hegemann

Grafik & Satz   Ken Hegemann

Fotos   Annika Bethan, Anna Osterberg, Daniel Seemayer, Eve Yazmati, Ken Hegemann, Lara Nelke, Nick Schmidt, Patrick Verhamme, Robert Lißke, Sabrina Calvagna, Tatjana Ebermann

Danke an   Why Not Associates, Mind Design, Hato Press, Modern Activity, Julia, St. Brides Library, Hudson-Powell, Christian Küsters, Fraser Muggeridge, Holger Jacobs, The Dove, Easyjet, Newcastle Brown Ale


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